Our commitment to health & Wellness

As you enjoy your Round Man Brewing experience, you’ll notice on each check, that we’ve placed a small and relatively insignificant 4% charge for the Health and Wellness of our employees.

We truly believe our family has an obligation to our community and our employees; to provide the most optimal and rewarding employment experiences that exist within our means. As such, we’ve made the decision to offer medical, dental, and vision insurance to each of our employees. This fee serves to help us mitigate the cost of healthcare, and further our ability to support our staff’s mental health.

The staff here are the foundation for all that we are, taking care of their needs is our utmost priority and furthers our guests’ opportunity to enjoy some of Wisconsin’s best. We believe that keeping this transparent further promotes the development of a more professional, responsible, and inclusive industry.

While it would certainly be easy for us to not say anything and include it in our pricing as all other professional industries do, we instead chose to open up lines of dialogue with our guests to promote the betterment and advocacy of our service industry. It is something our ownership and leadership take exceptional pride in.

Should you wish to further promote causes like this, organizations like Infinite Ingredient and Project Black and Blue are powerful resources to many. Your support to them would mean the world.